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Company Directors or Partners:

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Additional Directors/Partners

Additional Directors/Partners


Solicitor / Professional Advisor:

Existing Automotive Brands sharing the proposed locations:

Additional Brands

Additional Brands

Affiliated automotive agencies sharing the proposed locations :

(i.e authorized Allison service point/Cummins agent/Bosch agent/NRMA/RACQ/RACV etc)

Additional Brands

Additional Brands

Section 2 – Dealership :

How many staff will be dedicated to Hyundai Trucks business?

New Truck Sales

Spare Parts


Admin (inc Warranty/Marketing)

Are you planning on employing new people?


How many square metres is the total area of the proposed premises?

How many square metres is the building?

Do you have an external area to display Hyundai Trucks?

Do you have an internal area to display Hyundai New Truck POS?

Do you have an internal area to display Hyundai Truck Parts POS?

Does your workshop have space to accommodate LD Hyundai Trucks?

Does your workshop have space to accommodate MD/HD Hyundai Trucks?

Is your workshop able to service a prime mover without de-coupling?

How many service bays does your workshop have?

How many maintenance pits/semi scissor lifts does your workshop have?

How many vehicle lifts suitable for 7t vehicles does your workshop have?

Do you operate a breakdown vehicle for 24hr assistance?

Do you have a secure storage area for warranty or retail repair parts?

Do you have a suspension / brake tester to perform compliance checks?

What other specialised service equipment do you offer customers?

Retail Labor Rate

What is your current Retail Labor Rate (GST excluded)?

Do you know the Retail Labor Rate of the main competitors in your area?

Systems Utilised

What Dealer Management System (DMS) do you operate?

What Enquiry Tracking / Lead Management System do you operate?

Do you operate a separate CRM System?

Approximately how many customers do you have in your CRM?

SWOT Analysis

Financial Information & References

Security over Business? (i.e. PPSR Registrations List)

Security provider and type of charge

Current Floor Plan Providers

Other Financial Providers

Floor plan will you provide for Hyundai Trucks? (sqmts)

Retail Finance Providers

Do you have Business Managers/Brokers in the dealership?

Do you have an external Broker you utilize?

Trade References


I declare that all the information provided in this application is true and correct.

It is declared and acknowledged that Hyundai Commercial Vehicles Australia (HCVA) Pty Limited has the absolute right and discretion to appoint as a dealer such person/s as it considers to be appropriate.

This application will be kept in the strictest confidence until HCVA has assessed, approved and, if applicable, informed the incumbent dealer of our decision in the proper manner. HCVA makes no representation or warranties about potential profitability of possible franchises. Should your application be successful you will be provided with a Disclosure Document in accordance with the Franchise Code of Conduct.

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*Hyundai Commercial Vehicles Australia guarantees that all the information provided in this application will be treated as strictly confidential. The submission of this application does not constitute a commitment between the applicant and Hyundai Commercial Vehicles Australia.

*Wrong or false information shall be grounds for the termination of any future agreement with Hyundai Commercial Vehicles Australia.