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Hydrogen: stacks on the cards

Publish Date - 27/09/2021

WHILE manufacturers like Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz have gone all-in on battery-electric vehicles, Hyundai Motor Group’s recently announced Hydrogen Vision 2040 strategy firmly endorses a future where hydrogen fuel cells do much of the heavy lifting in the transport sector.

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Hyundai targets hydrogen FCEV price parity with EVs: Hyundai FCEVs to cost the same as EVS by 2030, company to be carbon neutral by 2045

Publish Date - 14/09/2021

HYUNDAI has laid bare its ambitious plan to bring its hydrogen fuel cell technology to price parity with battery electric vehicles within this decade.

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XCIENT Fuel Cell and Green Europe: How XCIENT Fuel Cell Trucks are decarbonising Switzerland

Publish Date - 24/07/2021

Last October, 10 XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks from Hyundai Motor Company, which succeeded in the mass production of the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell trucks, arrived in Lucerne, Switzerland.

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Hyundai releases upgraded Xcient fuel cell truck

Publish Date - 25/05/2021

Hyundai Motor Company has released images of its newly upgraded XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first mass-produced, heavy-duty truck powered by hydrogen.

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Hyundai Truck gets serious Down Under

Publish Date - 22/05/2021

Hyundai's independent importer had quite a bit to say at the Brisbane Truck Show with new releases in different sectors of the Australian market.

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Deals on Wheels - Show Stopper

Publish Date - 03/03/2021

Hyundai Trucks is back in the country with a whole new range of light-duty, medium-duty and expanding into the heavy-duty segment this year. Among the showstoppers is the all-new midsize Hyundai Pavise, which is set to launch in the Australian market in early 2021.

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Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility Grabs ‘Watt d’Or 2021’ for Advancing Swiss Decarbonization Efforts

Publish Date - 19/01/2021

Hyundai Motor, Shanghai Electric Power, Shanghai Sunwise New Energy System and Shanghai Ronghe Electric Technology Financial Leasing recently signed an MOU to establish a hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle ecosystem around Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta area in China

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The Right Truck for the Job

Publish Date - 14/11/2020

There are not that many Hyundai prime movers on the roads in Australia, but Steve Young reckons he has found the right truck for the job with his Xcient prime mover.

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Hyundai Motor Joins Hands with Chinese Partners to Lead Hydrogen Mobility Ecosystem Development in China

Publish Date - 05/11/2020

Hyundai Motor Company is spearheading development of a hydrogen society and fuel cell commercial vehicle ecosystem in China with regional partners.

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World’s First Fuel Cell Heavy-Duty Truck, Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell, Heads to Europe for Commercial Use

Publish Date - 09/07/2020

Hyundai Motor is shipping the first 10 units of XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first fuel cell heavy-duty truck, to Switzerland

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